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How to Hydrate That Dry Summer Skin

July 30, 2013 3:53 pm

Saying goodbye can be hard, but trust me on this… saying goodbye to dry skin is not a bad thing. Summer can be extra tough on your skin and the only way out is to double up on the protection.
During the summertime, skin can be exposed to dry, hot, humid temperatures and easily loses its natural moisture barriers. So, what’re you supposed to do? Let’s take look at how to keep your skin healthy and happy during the summer months:
More Moisture!
Moisturizing is the best way to keep dry skin at bay. It may require the reapplication of a moisturizer twice a day, but go for it. Buy that extra large bottle of body moisturizer so that you’re stocked up through the season and don’t hesitate to use it. Personally I like to use natural moisturizers like Shea butter or coconut oil. One of my favorites is Lubriderm’s Daily Moisture Shea+Cocoa Butter which is light and very effective.


Another is St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer with Oatmeal and Shea Butter.



Avoid Soaps That Can Dry
Often soaps will strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier and leave you feeling dry and cracked. Combine that with the hot, dry summer weather and things only get worse. Using a soap that is made for sensitive skin can do an enormous amount for keeping that natural moisture barrier intact. Cetaphil has a great Gentle Cleansing Bar that moisturizes your skin as it gets it squeaky clean.


And afterwards make sure to apply a moisturizer.

Hot Showers vs Tepid Showers
Folks love a really hot bath or shower, but water that’s too hot can pull moisture right out of your already thirsty cells. During the summer months (and cold winter months) use a milder, tepid water temperature for bathing purposes. Your skin will end up feeling less dry and you’ll feel much more refreshed.

Incorporate a Light Scrub
Our bodies have 5 outer layers of skin and, ideally, every twenty-seven days our bodies slough those off and generate a whole new suite of skin cells. The problem is, sometimes not all that dead skin comes off like its supposed to and if they just sit there they will build up and build up leaving your skin looking gray, tired, and drab. Exfoliating in the shower once a week with a homemade brown sugar body scrub will help your look fresher, younger, and let that skin breathe free. So I thought we’d give you a quick, effective recipe for your very own Brown Sugar Scrub


360 Skin Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe:
1 1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sea salt
1/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil (barely melted)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil


Lightly melt the coconut oil and let it cool a bit. Mix together ingredients until thoroughly incorporated.

Get your skin wet in the shower and gently rub 1 tbsp onto your body as needed
Rinse yourself off and you’re ready to go!
Store in an air tight container; the scrub will last 3 months

And Lastly, Drink More Water
Dehydration is working overtime in the summer months and most people drink less water than they think they need. The general daily recommendation is eight 8oz glasses of water per day, but during the summer months people are outdoors more, perspiring more, and losing hydration as a quick clip. As many of my clients will tell you, I’m always encouraging them to drink more water than they think they need. Additionally, whenever possible, avoid sodas and alcohol; they tend to pull water out of your cells and ultimately lead you to being even more thirsty.
So there you have it! Keep as much of that moisture inside your body as you can, slough off those dead skin cells, stay away from soaps that dry, and drink lots of water. You’ll make your way through the brilliant Summer-time with skin that’s soft, supple, hydrated, and happy.
From 360 Skin in beautiful San Francisco, have a GREAT summer and be well!


This post was written by Brandon