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The Ins and Outs of MicroCurrent Therapy

April 5, 2015

Here at 360 Skin we’re always looking for new ways to help keep you looking your best and improve your life. Now as many of you know we steer clear of… View Article

The Benefits of Retinol

February 6, 2015

One thing I’ve learned working in the skincare industry is that people love immediate gratification. Waiting and waiting to see results can be frustrating. And I know full well that in… View Article

360 Skin: Voted Best of the Bay!

April 10, 2014

I just wanted to post a quick update to let share the good news that for the second year in a row 360 Skin has been voted Best Skincare Studio by the… View Article

Give Dry Winter Skin The Boot

January 9, 2014

Dry skin is unpleasant enough, but harsh winter weather can really ramp things up and make it almost unbearable. Millions of people struggle with dry skin in the winter, so… View Article

The Ins and Outs of Chemical Peels

September 16, 2013

Every year, millions of chemical peels are performed with excellent, reliable results and because we are right at the beginning of “peel season” I’m dedicating this blog post to a… View Article

Snail Facials Crawl Out of Japan

August 2, 2013

What the shell! I’ve heard about so many bizarre skincare treatments at this point in my career that it takes something quite crazy to faze me. I didn’t bat an… View Article

How to Hydrate That Dry Summer Skin

July 30, 2013

Saying goodbye can be hard, but trust me on this… saying goodbye to dry skin is not a bad thing. Summer can be extra tough on your skin and the… View Article

Sunscreen Simplified!

April 29, 2013

Trying to buy sunscreen can be a confusing and overwhelming numbers game: 10, 15, 32, 45, 51, 100! The FDA’s rules for what concretely defines “sun screen” seemingly changes from… View Article

360 Skin: Voted Best of the Bay!

April 4, 2013

Every year the readers of San Francisco’s newspaper the Bay Area Reporter vote in a variety of categories for who and what they consider to be the best in San… View Article

Light Therapy to the Rescue!

April 2, 2013

Can I let you guys in on a really effective skincare secret? LED Light Therapy “What is it? What does it do? Why do I need it”, you ask? Well… View Article